Our Story


We started as a small  brand called The Handmade Romantics, with the mission of contributing to the livelihood of makers in Indonesia, in a meaningful and sustainable way. With a personal background in the country, this is a cause that is near and dear to our founder's heart.

Our product journeys started from the makers we met. Working closely with small-scale makers (never factories), we got to understand the craft techniques unique to them and how we could create beautiful pieces for the modern consumer without sacrificing on heritage elements. Since inception, we have grown in our understanding of Indonesia's heritage crafts, artisan communities and ultimately, about our brand identity and what we hope to offer to our customers. We love working with fabrics, the sewing community and partners who are mindful about ethical consumption.

Through this work, we have found the opportunity to rebrand ourselves as Alika Day. 'Alika' is an Indonesian girl's name, derived from Arabic and means 'love'. Alika Day represents our commitment to bettering the lives of our Indonesian maker partners and also to convey the care that we put into all our pieces. Ultimately, it is our wish for our customers to have an Alika Day or a lovely day, everyday ❤️